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And the Hemp Bros was born

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It’s been over twenty-one years since my introduction to the hemp plant. Granted my first experience was very brief one. I can recall it as if it was just yesterday, subconsciously this could be why I can recall the memory so well, ever since first experiencing its effects I’ve had a great affinity for this plant.

For the next decade I personally enjoyed a recreational relationship with cannabis. The whole social aspect of it is great meeting with friends, going to parties etc. I have always led a healthy & active lifestyle playing competitive sports for over thirty years, using cannabis never affected any of this for me personally. I soon realised it was also a fantastic remedy for my insomnia should it arise, and also seemed to alleviate the pain after a gruelling game of rugby.

It was in my late twenties that I became more wildly aware of the healing benefits of hemp when I came across ‘The Rick Simpson Story’. A Canadian guy had been extracting oil from the hemp plant to help patients suffering from many different conditions & diseases. This triggered something inside me, mainly a burning desire to learn everything I could about this amazing piece of flora!

The information available online is mind blowing. I’m talking about research papers, medical journals, case studies and more. Some of these doctors have as much as sixty years devoted to researching the hemp plant. I decided to dive into all the science and not my mate Dave from number 44’s opinion!

Fast forward to 2018 where the UK is still lagging behind most of the rest of the world when it comes to medical cannabis. Big Pharma are allowed to grow high quality cannabis, which is then made into a medication called Sativex and shipped around the world for vast profits, but an individual is still breaking the law by growing one plant! The only way for someone with a passion and scientific understanding to legally get into the UK hemp industry is the CBD oil market. So, I decided to put my twenty years plus relationship to good use by starting out on the journey that is The Hemp Bros.

With my focus on quality over quantity every time you can be assured I won’t be releasing any gimmicky fake celeb products or anything that contains harsh lab made ingredients; E-numbers; food colourings; synthetics; chemicals or anything artificial or nasty.

I promise you all one thing, to bring you CBD oil products in their most natural un-altered state, using only the finest premium organic & vegan ingredients giving you a healthy set of products that work. Join us on our journey!

The Hemp Bros.