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Coronavirus positive impact on UK Hemp CBD Oil market

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As we witness Hemp CBD oil’s ever increasing popularity and wide availability to the general public, It’s only natural for there to be an influx of fake/inferior product’s flooding the market. The majority of these product’s originate from China, sub-standard and potentially dangerous.

A quick search on Alibaba and you may well come across may designs and labels that you have already seen. It’s sub-standard due to no regulation or certification and potentially dangerous due to the unknown contents of the oil, unknown until you get the oil tested yourself.

Without the relevant regulations in place there is no way in telling what you are buying, whether in bulk from China or from a re-seller here in the UK. A quick search on Amazon or Ebay for Hemp CBD oil and you’ll be swimming in the proverbial cesspit of these sub-standard/fake oils. I.e….50,000mg for £30!!!!! Whatever your buying I can guarantee it isn’t 50,000mg of quality Hemp CBD oil that’s for damn sure. How these people sleep at night is beyond me, money brings out the worst in people. They are not only ruining it for consumers but also for passionate genuine brand owners alike.

We’ve got a far more taxing issue at foot………CORONAVIRUS!

Coronavirus impact on UK hemp oil products industry

Photo; Martin Lopez - Pexels

One thing is for sure and that is plenty more uncertainty to come as we enter into the third month of the Coronavirus breakout. As I’m writing this there has now been over 97,000(and counting) cases confirmed worldwide with the death now surpassing 3,280 which far far exceeds the number of deaths from the SARS outbreak that killed 774 people according to the New York Times. In this modern day with all of our densely populated cities, it makes it a prime location for a disease to get a foot hold and spread…..quickly. With so many millions of people worldwide using air travel daily, this easily would have been the entry gateway for this disease into many different countries. Unless you stop all travel to and from China no contingency plan seems feasible really. As it stands over 73 separate airlines have cancelled or re-scheduled flights to and from China, with British Airways cancelling all flights to and from China until April 17th. Nobody wants the mass panic of a global pandemic but it seems somewhat inevitable as the Coronavirus figures rise daily.

The Silver Lining

Could this be a blessing in disguise for both Hemp CBD oil consumers and brands alike in the UK, and even in fact worldwide. With the ever increasing amount of flights being cancelled both to and from China in both the passenger and cargo sectors. Could this mean a potential welcomed delay in more fake/sub-standard product’s from hitting the markets here in the UK. Could this mean that the proverbial cesspit is about to decrease in size for the first time since the Hemp CBD oil boom hit our shores. In this time of global uncertainty where almost anything is concerned one thing is for sure…..all of us genuine, passionate and honest brand owners will be watching all these events unfold with a keen eye, not just from a health perspective but a business one too. Genuine Hemp CBD oil is highly beneficial for a variety of things. All we want is a market full of premium Hemp CBD oil product’s for the masses to choose from, that way we all benefit.

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